Wilderness Safaris has begun a rebuild of its flagship camps situated in Mombo Concession in the Okavango Delta, Botswana. The proposed opening date for both Mombo and Little Mombo camps is end February 2018.

“We are thrilled to have begun the exciting process of rebuilding both Mombo and Little Mombo camps in order to continue delivering the world-class service and exceptional safari experience that is synonymous with Mombo,” said Wilderness Safaris COO, Grant Woodrow.

“Our aim with the new camps is to use almost the exact same footprint as the old Mombo and as such, each tented room will be built on exactly the same place, with no expansion sideways, to ensure the surrounding trees are unaffected. So the length (landscape side) is remaining exactly the same, with any increase happening in depth – out towards the floodplain”, commented Woodrow.

“This next phase of Mombo is an extremely exciting time for us as we have witnessed three generations of Mombo; we look forward to keeping our partners updated as our building and plans progress, as we create the fourth one”.

In order to accommodate guests still wishing to travel to Mombo during the rebuild, Wilderness Safaris has opened a temporary luxury tented camp overlooking the floodplain, called Mombo Trails Camp. Built with an extremely light eco-footprint, this camp will be dismantled as soon as the new Mombo and Little Mombo open at the end of February 2018.

“Our emphasis in terms of luxury and service excellence has always been on sharing and honouring the amazing natural environment in which we operate and these new camps will continue to do just that – operating on 100% solar power and remaining committed to having as light an environmental footprint as possible. Mombo is undoubtedly one of Africa’s foremost wildlife and ecotourism destinations – one that embraces a true low impact and high experiential value tourism model”, Woodrow added.

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